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Re: Pynedor's Playmobil
« Reply #400 on: June 12, 2022, 13:29:07 »
I really like the black ones, and that unusual purple.

Thanks! The black and white ones are some of my favourites. :)

The purple one came about after I bought some of those purple staves and wizard hats. I have been trying to order the black staves (from the green wizard in Fi?ures Series 4) without luck for years, so I finally tried to order some of the other colours and ended up with a few purple ones. Similarly, the purple hats were the only ones I could find for a long time, but I've had better luck with the different hats lately.

They're all great :)

And I really like the guy with the turban - that worked very well!

Thanks! That doesn't seem to be a common colour, so it was nice to see that the turban with the new DuoPack Set 70821 matched something.

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Re: Pynedor's Playmobil
« Reply #401 on: July 04, 2022, 17:08:34 »

Catching up on about 2 months worth of your pics:

Nice use of lighting, on the translucent weapons especially! 

I LOVE the look of your adventuring party. A good mix, aesthetically.  The flower crown is more flattering than the dragon helm on your lady in white, IMO, but I could see how the helm might be safer work gear.... glad the party's archer found a friend.  More ranged weapons are always a plus!

I always wondered what the green translucent bracers were  good for...  Necromancy!!  Who woulda thunk it?

Really liked the various liches and wights.  Good use of frost giant and undead pirates.

And generally: great use of parts!  As previously mentioned, the lilac turban works great.

Always happy to see some high fantasy creations from you.  Keep 'em coming!