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The wedge shape cafe they do could easily be done in steck, even a version based on the old zoo. I still wished they'd made these one off partial buildings so they can be combined like being able to place two cafe type buildings together to form something more solid. This is why they need a construction element back, most of the current buildings are one off single use backdrops more like stage decorations.
Customs Gallery / Re: Route 66
« Last post by Eplay on Today at 05:13:30 »
I like biker 166 best  ;D
I don’t collect Lego so I don’t know what they make

My point is that if Lego is having a renaissance  of the knights theme and playmobil pays close attention to their strategy then perhaps in 10 years Geobra will copy .

Thankfully Geobra is making some Tudor buildings but they have been going in a modem twist direction

Here is hoping for a classic playmobil stecks revival

Customs Gallery / Re: Route 66
« Last post by Joshua D on Today at 03:22:25 »
Biker 0171 is my favorite!! love the helmet 👍
Customs Gallery / Re: Crusades
« Last post by Macruran on Today at 01:48:30 »
Yeah that Saladin is really top notch, one of your best figures - which are already world-class!
Customs Gallery / Re: Crusades
« Last post by Pynedor on Today at 00:14:13 »
Excellent use of that light shade of blue!
Customs Gallery / Re: Circus Nostalgia
« Last post by Pynedor on Today at 00:13:09 »
These are great! :)
Brainstorming For Playmobil / Re: Any possibility of a rerelease of 3666?
« Last post by Oliver on June 30, 2022, 18:49:36 »
Now Lego is expanding on the big castle

All these sets are just submissions on Lego Ideas as far as I know. I don't really follow Lego, but I would presume that there have been medieval submissions on there ever since they started running it, and the Blacksmith is the only one that ever made the cut.
Story-Telling / Re: The Making of : Summer Garden Party on Regent St
« Last post by Eplay on June 30, 2022, 14:51:44 »
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