Author Topic: Announcement about the Kingdoms Map threads.  (Read 3995 times)

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Announcement about the Kingdoms Map threads.
« on: May 28, 2011, 20:22:48 »
Dear all,

The whole idea of the Kingdoms Map thread began as a community event, something that all members could participate and contribute, from customs, maps, photostories, intertwined medieval stories, international jousting tournaments and such.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, this turned into an actual RPG (role playing game) without most participants realising it but also without any explanation of it evolving as such. This forum is not an rpg forum and therefore cannot host one such game. Nevertheless we encourage you and suggest you to continue this game in a private way or in a more proper forum platform such as Gardenwargaming

We have also noticed that for this matter there are less people participating in it and this shows that most members felt alienated with the turn that the whole concept of the threads have taken. We also noticed that lately a lot of the posts "in character" and "out of character" are of a hostil nature. At this point we'll have to remind you of the following forum guideline:

8. Try to keep on topic whenever possible. Mild diversions during discussions are perfectly human and understandable, but please remember that this is a messageboard, not a chatroom. If a topic wanders into an aimless chat between 2 or 3 members it can result in other members feeling excluded, so don't be offended if you are politely reminded by a Moderator to revert to the original topic or begin a new one.

For all the above reasons, it is the decision of the mod team that the Kingdoms Map threads will remain locked.
However, as we know that many of you have already created many scenarios, stories and events to share in this project, we are looking forward to work in the creation of a new thread that would include the spirit of the original idea (with the permission of the original creator) for a comunity Kingdoms Map project but with clearer rules and guidelines that can fit this forum platform and subject.

Moderators Team.
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