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Re: Giorginettos Medieval Collection
« Reply #950 on: February 18, 2021, 17:29:27 »
Interesting, I found the four way connector, but I’m struggling with the realization of what forms of buildings or ideas that can be sprung from such a piece. I have no doubt there are many fun creations- I just can’t seem to think of what great mysteries this solves. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, would love to expand my mind. Also, the “level up” wall differences remain an elusive and confusing subject for me. Apologies, I’m still learning...

No worries , I learn something new everytime i log into this awesome forum !!! The 4 way connectors is an absolute gem. Far more complex wall designs to all directions  can be created , bigger , deeper steck rooms can be made , really solves all the limitations posed by the 3 way connector. As for the level up question I refer to the number of steck walls on one another. If you see the external walls of my medieval diorama there are two levels up and the square towers are three levels up steck wall  +  steck roof. The amazing round steck towers are 4 levels  up + steck round roof. The middle wall with fortification on both sides separating the kings quarters and the barracks from the city ( overcrowded all of them  :lol:)  are only onelevel - one steck wall with the square towers going up two levels + steck square roof. I hope all this explains . One last think , 4 way connectors can create steck bridges connecting towers and buildings.. how awesome is that !!!!  :yippee: :yippee:

I have over 60 steck houses, lot of unused walls and steck, my next diorama , probably when i retire and have some time will be quite something, plan to add a huge port to it with ships and the vikings/gauls base with longboats  !!!! and 1000 more klickies most likely   :loco: :loco: :loco:
:knight: Steck is Holy . Bring back more steck sets and its guardians , the Nuremberg Guards :knight: