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Sets 1004 & 1005: Magic Carpet & Genie with Treasure

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So my “don’t buy anything other than the Pirate theme” (or things that could potentially fit in that theme) rule has been broken…

My son has had a recent obsession with Aladdin, namely the 2019 live action movie remake. Being a huge fan of classic animation it took me a while to come round to that version of the film but I’ve began to appreciate it also.

Anyway, low and behold last week I see sets 1004: Magic Carpet & 1005: Genie with Treasure appear on the UK site and show my son. Needless to say, the subsequent week’s wait for them to arrive was filled with great anticipation.

So far a huge hit, we’ve been playing with them the last two days.

1004: Magic Carpet

I’m guessing a remake itself of 3834 and 7862. This is a fun set. Initial impression was how light the carpet felt but it’s very sturdy.
“The Sultan” as he’s referred to in our home I like quite a lot, simple but effective.

The carpet looks like it has a more intricate print than older versions, but no scroll or elastic bands included.
I had actually used a hair tie to provide my son with a way to keep the chest onboard prior to seeing the old set.
Only thing is as he’s a portly Klicky and therefore my very young son finds him a little more difficult to sit on the carpet verus the Klicky from 1005.

I think I’m going to invest in a couple more handle clips (if I can track down the part number) so that the carpet can seat 4 Klickys with a pair of the clips at the back securing chests.

1005: Genie with Treasure

Seems to be quite a unique little set.
The Genie is quite something, she does stoop a little forward and falls over if holding much of note. Quite a lot more playable than say the genie seen in sets 5295 and 70508 (plus other sets but not genie context). My son however would have preferred a male genie but this is more interesting and allows for different story telling to the film. The flannel or “magic” accessory she has at first seemed odd but makes sense.

The “Aladdin” Klicky is very nice. He’s our first “speedo” Klicky. Much easier to sit on the carpet than The Sultan. The vest is a little off, though doesn’t move around, am sure on Tahra’s blog a similar character reviewed this was mentioned. Playmobil should invest in specific vest moulds for these body types. He’s taken a monkey (30238580) to be on his arm to be ‘Abu”.

Will post photos of this set in coming days

Other purchases…

So this has brought me into a few new items. I’ve got 5295 to be “Jafar,” not yet opened.
I’ve also got the Fi?ures Series 13 Arabian guard coming. He may get a head swap with what I think is a compatible skin colour head (30238792) from a DS order I made - this may achieve a more “thief rat” looking Aladdin (like set 70508).

We are piecing together an order for my daughter (she’s younger so Wiltopia is more her thing) so am filling up a cart to get free delivery, plus also taking advantage of the St. Patrick’s day/week discount. Frustratingly I used the survey 20% discount for 1004 and 1005 the day before that started along with a load of spare parts (I really hate paying postage 8})

I’m very tempted by the camel seen in 5389 specifically (eyes are painted). I have a part list that crosses a few sets including camels to have 2 of them. Annoyingly the baskets that clip to the saddle are unavailable in both colours and my postage payment aversion is making me hold off emailing DS.

The 4247 set looks great but we have enough Klickys.

I like those two sets as well (though gods know we have enough of the carpet one from the first time around) - and that snake one is needed in numbers. For... something :P

Do post pics of the whole Aladdin gang together ;)


--- Quote from: tahra on March 24, 2023, 08:08:04 ---I like those two sets as well (though gods know we have enough of the carpet one from the first time around) - and that snake one is needed in numbers. For... something :P

Do post pics of the whole Aladdin gang together ;)

--- End quote ---

Will do soon as my son stops playing them lol.

I’ll try and take detailed ones of the genie, she’s quite something. My son did point out you can see a white bit inside her lower half (the Klicky skeleton), his attention to detail surprises me at times for a 4 year old.

Managed to take some quick photos, not the best but hopefully people can see the detail of the Klickys and some parts.

Sets 1004, 1005 and 5295 together:

The Genie from 1005:

”Aladdin” from 1005:

The Sultan from 1004:

Carpet from 1004:

Thank you for the detailed pics...

A shame the frame is so visible in the snake legs...

Anyways, need to get my hands on some... ;)


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