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Comparison of the two huts. The chief's hut (70932) is much larger when seen side by side with the hut from the village feast (70931).

The stone of the chief's hut is lighter coloured and the chimney stone is lighter too to match.
The roofs can go on either way so you can have the chimney either side.
I suspect the roof halves are compatible with each other so you could have a chimney both sides or no chimney if you had two of the same hut.
The upper window of the smaller hut does not have the right shape to take a window like the larger hut.
The huts are very simple, front and back stone wall and the roof in two parts. There are also some "wooden" parts that go under the overhang of the roof to make it look more solid.

The treehouse (71016) sits on a solid trunk.

The trunk has tabs underneath which could be trimmed to go in more places though the treehouse would likely be top heavy and prone to toppling without some weight added to the inside. It would be nice if they'd include optional bases for things like this.

The hut also has tabs.

Otherwise makes a very nice cottage.

The bard that comes with this set has a fancy hairstyle.

Another new hairstyle comes from the chief's set (70932). I don't recall seeing a good picture of the back of the chief's wife's hair.

Hopefully both hairstyles will appear in other colours.

With the druid set (70933) come a couple of new figures. The old man of the village who would make a great asian martial arts master.

He has a peculiar hairstyle.

The character from the comic never wears anything on his head but that hairstyle allows this guy to.

The above is a full sized helmet.

The Roman spy has shorter legs by using an existing skirt piece and giving him a new leg sculpt.

He looks a bit odd from the back as he has a double face which isn't well hidden.

The hidden face.

This face isn't a total print. The surprise lines are printed but the eyes and mouth are moulded like regular faces. I think this is only the second moulded face not to have the usual smile.

Thank you for the details!


Are you sure that mouth is molded  - I didn't notice that. :-[

But it could be molded on the normal side...

Actually you're right. I put it under a decent light source and it is printed at the back.


--- Quote from: Klickteryx on October 29, 2022, 11:07:33 ---Actually you're right. I put it under a decent light source and it is printed at the back.

--- End quote ---

That's good - means it can be erased. :)

Thanks for the interesting information about these things. The tree house looks like it would make a great Snow White cabin.


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