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Playmobil 70348 zoo viewing platform

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Thanks for the fireman keychain 70649 tip. I ordered one on sale and it’s a perfect match. Now the fireman has short sleeves ;) I found it fairly easy to erase the print with a pencil eraser.
I also ordered some matching hats from the parts service but they will arrive later.

Now I’m still searching for a reasonably priced 70295 to make an African American female zookeeper.

Great work! :)

It’s been a while, but I’ve found another set of the Asian zoo for a very reasonable price.  ;D the animals will have a bigger enclosure.
In addition, I bought 2 sets of the zoo veterinary practice 70900 (it was on sale for >50% off. I have a lot of zoo animals, but I was lacking the giraf and chimpanzee. So it’s a good buy for me. 
I’m thinking about making the second building into a cafe (like 70115 or 5129) or an ice cream shop. I’ll need to buy some spare parts for that but not too much.
And a cafe or ice cream shop will go nicely with all the family fun/camping/leisure sets that I have.

I’m hoping to have some time the last week of august to set everything up.

Great additions, those are both great sets.


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