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Playmobil 70348 zoo viewing platform

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--- Quote from: Eplay on September 05, 2022, 20:04:22 ---Is the head still usable?

--- End quote ---

Yes, in my experience you are left with a hole in the hair (which could be replaced), but the head is OK. Mind you, some recent keychains might be hard to disassemble, I struggled with the BA Barabus one.


Found some additions to my zoo keepers army. :love:
I like the females how they are, so I’ve only changed the hair.
The males I’ve changed a bit so that they are all different. Ive changed the inner base part and heads to those grey figures series ones so that it is easier to switch around the parts when I find some more zoo keepers.
I’m going to keep my eyes open for the other females of the zoo sets.

The colors of these klickys are really beautiful.

I like the variety you did - harder with the women, what with the dark tan showing... And there aren't that many options for dark tan heads either.

Thanks, I really like the colors too. And the red panda print.
I’m hoping to find the clickys below in the future and then give the females blond, brown or red hair.
I tried a tan head of a swim suit clicky, but it was too loose.


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