Author Topic: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion  (Read 2936 times)

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Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« on: October 14, 2021, 20:44:28 »
I uploaded series 20 to my website today and noted that it has been 10 years for this line. It has had more staying power than I expected it would at first. I thought about starting a poll about what have been the best boy and girl figure so far, but have trouble narrowing it down to just one or two of each for myself.
There have been 240 each of Boys and Girls series for 480 figures in the theme so far.
If you need a refresher for the discussion you can check my site at Animobil - Figures
There are thumbnails of group photos for each series there, click on them and go to a page with bigger group images and clickable thumbnails of the individual figures below. My site is images only.
For reviews you can visit Tahras site PlayKingdoms that has reviews stating at Series 9 

There is always a little bit of recency bias where the most recent series is biggest in your mind. Knowing that, I still think that the Day of the Dead pair of figures is one of the most unique and nicest pairs they have ever produced and will end up in a top three for me for some time to come.
I will post images but if you don't have the workaround and they don't show up here are the links as well, you can also see multiple other views of the figures at the links provided.

From earlier I have to admit that the Highlander from series 6 still stands out in my mind as a favorite.

For some reason Uncle Sam way back from Series 1 really sticks in my mind as well

For girls I think the Bali Dancer from Series 7 is an all time favorite of mine

and the Andean lady from Series 11

There are so many other great ones too. Meleficent, Cricket, Geisha, Sushi Chef, Steampunk, Tall Ghost... 
What are your favorites?

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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2021, 23:00:20 »
This is going to be a great thread!

Ten years of Figures is worth celebrating. I think it is one of the strongest products in the Playmobil catalogue, reliable yet surprising. And value for money. I think they sell well, and hope they will continue for many years to come. Series 21 is certainly promising.

The release of each series is always a highpoint for me – the anticipation with poor quality illicit previews, the wait for the release date, the hunt on launch day. Rummaging through the shop displays on that day and immediately after is the one time that I get to meet fellow Playmobil aficionados in real life. The competitions can be stiff but the chatting can be nice.

A good question to pick one's favourites! Spoilt for choice, I would say. I really like Neptune (Boys 7), the Crusader (Boys 8), Napoleon (Boys 9), the Nubian (Boys 10) [the only speedo figure that I can bear!], Rice Girl (Girls 10), Roman Lady (Girls 14), Orc (Boys 19), etc. Too many to mention! I agree with you that the Highlander (Boys 6) is one of the very best: I clearly remember the excitement when he was released, and my first hunting trips [in my very early playmodays]. But I am not too sure about the Day of the Dead pair (Boys/Girls 20): they are beautiful, but too circumscribed in what you can do with them. In what other contexts will they fit?

I also like the very quirky ideas that have come up from time to time: the Scarecrow (Boys 3), Sleepy Flower Lady (Girls 11), Ghost Butler/Jelly Skull (Boys 11), Bee Lady (Girls 14), Sleepwalker (Boys 15), Crash Test Dummy (Boys 19) – all very well done. And let's not forget the Dwarf (Boys 3), who was the very first short-legged figure ever seen, a real surprise when he was released [or so I imagine: it was before my playmoconversion], years before a whole dwarf range was launched. I also enjoy the plain figures with funny second faces on the back of their heads: Skateboarder (Boys 2), Justin Bieber (Boys 3). The head of the Mad Scientist (Boys 4) is just priceless.

If I should pick just one favourite (and I think that is what we should do here: show our colours!), then I would go for the original Statue of Liberty (Girls 3): a very original idea very well realised. She is eye catching. She is my number one. :love:

This thread is a good opportunity to thank you, Tiermann, for Fi?ures at Animobil. I appreciate the time and money that goes into creating and maintaining the site. It is one of my favourite web resources in all matters Playmobil (together with playmodb). Many, many thanks for your wonderful website.

Best wishes
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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2021, 09:10:45 »
I agree with that last point StJohn made: Fi?ures at Animobil is the site I always go to for Figures information (as well as PM animals at Animobol, of course!).

I gave up feeling the blind bags in shops after about Series 3 and now I buy the 24 bags from each new set from one of several eBay sellers who offer these at little more than shop prices. It's a lot less fun, but also less frustrating in the long run.

IMO, the girls' Figures are always more varied than the boys. But there are far too many ninjas, waitresses, firemen, pirates, builders etc., so each series seems to contain only 4 or 5 original ideas. The mad scientist in Series 4 is one of my favorites.

Figures klickies are often the place where new parts can be found, such as hair parts (20 of the 140 known sculpts first appeared on Figures).
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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2021, 13:51:15 »
It’s very hard indeed. I really like most of the culture/country specific figures: Highlander (those eyes), sushi chef, Balinese girl, Mongolian, geisha, Hawaiian girl. I’m still hoping to find the Dutch woman and the bagpipe player.
Elvis, Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty, royal guard and the queen are also favorites.
Scarecrow/pumpkinhead is one I have multiples of  :love:
And I would like to own Snow White.

If I have to vote: 1. Highlander 2. Pumpkinhead 3. Sushi chef (4. Dutch woman for a Dutch woman  :P)

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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2021, 03:11:58 »
Lots of great ones mentioned, I'll put in a vote for Jimi Hendrix in Series 11!  O0  Exactly the sort of cultural figure they should be doing more of, and one that would sell in much greater numbers if it was available direct! I will never stop being aggravated that there's no official channel to get specific figures through, so that one must always pay twenty clams for a four dollar klicky!  >:(
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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2021, 15:24:29 »
Great topic, Tim.

As far as picking  favorites.....

Narrowing my choices to my high fantasy theme, StJohn had a good point: the dwarf in 3 premiered the whole dwarf line.  Gotta respect the Durin of Playmobil.

Playmo has now done a lot of wizards, but this guy from 12 has always popped, IMO.
I think it is his muted colors that make his red orb seem more striking. ....  and...  he has pirate sleeves!

The ice king from 14 is unique and imposing, as is the Ent from 17 many more great ones... even some of the omnipresent faries have great parts for  building elves.

As for the genpop....

I do think the Day of the Dead pair are wonderful, Tim.
Carnivale Dancer from 9 is a great example of a creative fi?ure that would be unlikely to fit in any regular theme.  My partner just adores the "Kitty" from 17, who may also have a tough time in a regular theme.

So tough to narrow down favorites!

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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #6 on: November 09, 2021, 23:16:55 »
It crossed my mind that I hadn't brought up the prisoner from Boys Series 2. I think he is still the only sad Klicky that has ever been produced. It just shows that they are a happy (sometimes angry, occasionally demented, but almost never downcast) breed!

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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #7 on: November 09, 2021, 23:28:25 »
It is also worth mentioning that the recommended retail price of Figures hasn't gone up over 20 series: it has been 1,99 € here in Germany ever since 2011. Geobra is catching up, though, or so it is rumoured: series 21 is thought to bear a RRP of 2,49 € – inflation (provisionally 13% for 2011-2021 in Germany) being overtaking by 11%! Still, Figures are too cheap compared to other Playmobil articles, so some correction is definitely in order.

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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #8 on: November 10, 2021, 07:55:09 »
Or perhaps the rest of the sets are overpriced and due for a price reduction. :wave:

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Re: Ten Years of Fi?ures - Discussion
« Reply #9 on: November 10, 2021, 19:15:36 »
I kind of think they have to be cheap because of the surprise element. I rarely buy them, but there's been times I've bought 3 or 4 at once and not one of them has been worth having. That's not a huge deal for me, but I'd have been gutted as a kid.