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Greetings to you all from Sweden!

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Hi and greetings from the Netherlands.

I post silly photos, silly stories, and the occasional review on here.  But one of my interests and loves is the old klickies and their accessories.  Not always 'the way they were' (though I like that too), but mostly making matching groups of them ... which usually means taking them apart and then reassembling them so they are all one colour (or colour scheme) - and then adding the same (or similar) accessories.  I'm always on the hunt for old accessories!

I also love items (for example, construction machinery, bicycles) that were made to accommodate fixed-wrist kilckies.

And yes, it is wonderful how one could change everything by a change of a hat.  That's the way I first knew (and envied - because I couldn't afford) Playmobil.

I love pirates too- though I ended up selling all my (restored) pirate ships because they were too difficult to store (dust-free).  I'm still buying other pirate stuff though.

So: I hope you share things here.  I will certainly be interested!

Hi Raven,
I will certainly look up your posts!
And nice to learn that you are fond of pirates! Yes, storage room is a problem. Actually I have no idea where to put the 3550 when it arrives next week ... But I just had to have it!


Welcome from Oregon!

Thanks, guys!


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