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Greetings to you all from Sweden!

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Hello everyone,

I'm very glad to join the Playmofriends forum and look forward spending time here! My first Klicky was the 3311 construction worker, but the Playmobil pirates have always been the big thing for me. With my own money I bought the 3550 pirate ship in the early 1980's, and my how I loved it. A few years later I sold it and almost immediately regretted it.

Come the early 1990's, I bought all the new pirate boxes coming out, including the 3750 ship, which I still have. These last years I have re-bought the klicky pirates of my childhood, and just a couple of days ago – for the second time in my life – I purchased the 3550 ship. It will arrive next week and I'm very excited. There are so many versions of the 3550 box but I think I've found the one I had as a child.

I don't have a big collection, and not anything really valuable, but what I have I cherish. I like the old klickys the best, the ones without rotable hands, where the change of a hat or a scarf could transform the figure from a cowboy to a pirate to a construction worker ...

Hope you all have a good day, and thank you for letting me join.

Welcome, playmorten, from Stroud in the UK!
Thanks for sharing your early PM memories, well done winning a 3550 pirate ship!
There are plenty of pirate ship enthusiasts here on PF, but not so many fixed-wrist klicky fans I fear  :(.

Thank you, GrahamB!
Glad to hear there are fellow pirate enthusiasts here. And being one of few fixed-wrist fans, well, I'm glad to fill a void!  :D

Welcome from Portugal :)

Wow, thanks!


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