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Well where to begin .  8} My collection all started with having three sons.  >:D :lol: 0) I did not want to overstimulate them with the traditional cheaply made short lived junk toy. One  day I was at Target and came across the clearance toys and that's all it took. I am now infatuated with the little plastic world we are creating . We have , in a period of 10 months , collected some great items both new and old .  my favorite is the construction sets .  >:D's favorite is the castles or just about any waring clan (he is 6)  :Lil:'s favorite is the race cars & trucks (he is 4).  0)'s favorite are all of it (& he is 2). i set up all i can in my home office all over the floor, tables , shelves, window sills, on the computer , just about any where we find room . It is set up all the time . My adult friends no longer come in as they fear the people might come to life . For now i like customising the System X buildings . As my name states i am controversial and i do at times put questionable hidden events in my pictures and i hope this board is more understanding of that. Well thank you for reading and hello and here i am . :wave:

hi! warm welcomes from nothern germany...

it took you three boys to start with playmobil? I already started at one.  :love:
I am very looking forward to your controversial stories. did you get with them into troupble somewhere before?

I am always happy to meet people from the US that appreciate the difference between playmobil and junk-plastics...  :yup:

so, again welcome here...

Welcome from the UK, and thanks for the detailed and intriguing introduction.

Welcome from Oregon USA!

Welcome from Pennsylvania, USA. I have 2 boys 9 & 6 and 2 girls 4 & 1, and we all love Playmobil. We just got the Viking longboat and Noah's ark and a big battle tower that the Vikings have claimed. My favorites are the castles and ships. And animals. My kids favorites are, well, all of it. My four year old girl likes the princesses, unicorns, and hospital stuff. We are eagerly awaiting the Romans!



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