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The Making of : Summer Garden Party on Regent St

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A very good morning to you dear Friends  :wave:

I am delighted to announce my new project "Summer Garden Party on Regent St" !

Ever since I created my Autumn and Winter tales last year ( Autumn Harvest on Regent St, There is Magic in the Air and Christmas Miracle on Regent St ) I cherished the dream of creating a Spring / Summer themed diorama representing the mansion of my happy little Victorian in full bloom with mainly outdoor scenes.

This 6 months old dream will present the garden of the Mansion, mainly viewed from the conservatory area and will focus on a formal garden with fountain, a picturesque vegetable garden, a seating area for high tea and a pavilion where the summer evening party will take place.

These are of course early stages, and I do not want to rush into this project, first because of a demanding work, secondly because I absolutely wish to make the most of what Summer is about with outdoor activities and continuing my escapades around the UK which have helped me tremendously in regaining a certain balance in my life.

I will therefore take my time with regards to the thinking, planning and setting up of this new project which I will document as I will get along...

Those of you who already know my work are aware that I am using a background for my scenes in order to give a sense of perspective and depth to my dioramas.

Here are two examples of my previous work on the seasonal theme :

Christmas Miracle on Regent St

There is Magic in the Air

For my new Summer themed diorama, I am looking for a fresh, green and peaceful background and here are some of the paintings I have selected which are all lifelike copies through the method of "giclee on canvas" which I explained in a previous making of :

St James Park in London by James Inigo Richards

Landscape - Hill & Dale by Albert Bierstadt

Parc de Mortefontaine by Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld

River Valley Landscape by Marten Ryckaert

Karim :)

a comeback in such a wonderful style karim.  :love:
thank you for such beautiful images.  :wow:
it's great to see you back.  :yup:

one day i was hoping that you could create a "maritime" scene just as beautiful as your "city" ones.  ;)
i don't know if you like this caspar david friedrich painting but i thought it would illustrate what i mean better than words.
your baudelaire quote "la, tout n'est qu'ordre et beaute, luxe, calme et volupte. l'Invitation au voyage" always makes me remember this painter.  :)

Hill and Dale looks like the best background Karim.
I can't wait to see your Summer Garden Party!
I loved your Winter and Autumn Dioramas, :love:
So I am very excited to see your Spring/Summer diorama! ;D

Glad to see you are going to be relaxing this summer (for the most part).
I am not allowed the luxary, as I will be travelling across the US, 8}
From the East coast, to the West. It will be big, long, and tiresome.
But hopefully just as fun! :lol:

I think I like the River Valley landscape because it looks so light and summery.
Looking forward to your Summer Garden Party Karim. 
It will be a good excuse for all your Victorian ladies to wear their best summer hats.   :lol:


Bill Blackhurst:
You sound like you're doing great Karim :)9, & I'm glad to hear of a future project in the works :yippee:! I'm partial to the Hill & Dale background myself :yup:!


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