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3D Printed Apollo Lunar Lander

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A few years ago I found that a playmobil astronaut grabs PERFECTLY on to the hand rails on the Air & Space Museum's tactile Apollo model. I could tell it was 3D printed so I set out to find the plans and print my own. It took awhile, but now I have it and I love it.
It took a while to print and assemble, but really isn't that hard. If you have patience, it's an entry level effort.

I got the 3D file, but it loads up very small in my slicer software, so I had to do some test prints and found the right percentage. I then diced the large parts into smaller portions so they'd fit on my printer. I covered the legs with foil for that authentic touch.

And the astronaut klickys fit right on. Perfect fit. Both hands clip right onto the hand rails of the "porch".  Not only do I love Apollo stuff, but I also get so excited when I find something in the wild that is seemingly built for playmobil scale.

I found that vintage playmospace astronauts work really well too.

ApolloLEM-019 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

Gimme a day or two, I'll come back and post the link to the STL file and the directions I made up. The file straight from Smithsonian needed a bit of work and I'm working up full instructions and decals.
I'm hoping to 3D print more playmobil playsets and accessories in the future. One of my dreams is creating snap-on pieces for a more accurate apollo astronaut space suit.

That's awesome!

Thanks for sharing :love:

That's amazing Andy, it looks so good!  :love:

Your last picture reveals what we all knew: the moon landing was all faked!
Don’t know why anyone thought it was real anyway - the moon is made out of cheese and we clearly saw the pictures and movies show a dusty surface.


--- Quote from: hauden_lukas on March 06, 2023, 23:12:51 ---Your last picture reveals what we all knew: the moon landing was all faked!

--- End quote ---


That's a great result, AgeOwns! Although Playmospace came several years after the first lunar landing, Geobra made no attempt to create anything which looked like the real LEM. Thanks for putting them straight!


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