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I'm approaching my 1st anniversary; I made my first Playmobil purchase on May 6, 2015. To celebrate, I've been buying Playmobil like mad for the past couple of months; here is MOST of what I purchased in the past 3-4 weeks, lumped together on one table in no particular plan. There are a few things not here, including 5 sets that I got right after taking the pictures, one of which is still in the box.

You have been busy! You're keeping fairly within a theme there so it all sort of fits together pretty well.

Great additions and very nice pictures!!
I didn't get pictures of my new additions from last summer until today. I think I have to do the same as you did here!
Very nice idea! Thanks for sharing.

George. :)

This is what I think is here:

4796: Camouflage Pirate Fort with Ruby
4797: Pirate Cave
4798: Sharkbeard
4945: Pirate on Treasure Hunt
5357: Wild Horse Tournament Knight
5358: Dragon Tournament Knight
5561: Lynx Family with Cameraman
5562: Beavers with Backpacker
6162: Green Interactive Cannon with Pirate Captain
6163: Red Interactive Cannon with Buccaneer
6164: Blue Interactive Cannon with Pirate
6165: Black Interactive Cannon with Raider
6375: Kings Tournament Lounge With Parrot
6417: Vegetable Garden with Apple Tree
6464: Group of Outlaws
6638: Rhino with Baby
6639: Gorilla with Babies
6640: Giraffe with Calf
6641: Zebra Family
6642: Lion Family
6644: Alligator with Babies
6645: Tiger Family
6651: Flock of Flamingos
6652: Panda Family
6654: Koala Family
6655: Meerkats
6687: Lost Island with Alien and Raptor
6688: Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle
6689: Fairy Lorella
6691: Skyjet
6692: Techno Chameleon with Gene
6693: Cleano Robot
6694: Black Colossus
6695: Royal Tribune with Alex
6696: Jousting Rypan, Guardian of the Black Baron
6697: Take Along Black Baron's Castle
6698: Royal Guard Sir Ulf
6699: Princess Leonora
6799: Frederick the Great
7878: 3 Legionnaires
7879: Roman Leader
k5596c: Viking
k5596d: Knight
k5596h: Burglar
From DS: 2 storks & a duck

What didn't make it in the picture were:

The "classic" klickies I found at the antique toy store (7 figures & 1 horse, plus 1 ghost pirate)
4781: Princess with Mannequin
4790: Princess with Weaving Wheel
4946: Mermaid with Seahorses
6324: Medieval Family
6329: Medieval Blacksmith`s Shop
6466: Multi-Play Boys
From DS: Joseph, Mary, & Baby Jesus with straw ("manger" legs a gift from basilsdad)

I'm going to post my entire collection on my "anniversary," May 6.

great collection:  Hopefully those Romans and Knights under the leadership of Fred the Great will keep all those pirates in check ;D


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