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Pictures taken in my hometown of Steubenville, at Fernwood State Forest.

Those are beautiful pics!
Thank you for sharing :love:

I took all 3 of my medieval shops to Piedmont Lake today:

It was VERY windy & I didn't want to put out a lot of things to be lost by sudden gusts, otherwise there would have been more klickies in play. AND... I forgot to put the shingles on the bakery... BOO...  :'( ... but Playmobil is about having fun regardless of mistakes so I'm happy with the pictures.

I'm planning on doing this set-up again but with more klickies & other accessories, as long as the wind & weather allow it.


Love the passed out guy. And I could mistake your black monk for Tuck!

Such fabulous pictures!!  :love: The worshipping beavers (I can't see anything else since that topic started by Raven), the houses with the lake in the background... Truly gorgeous.

I hope you save a photo or two we haven't seen before for the Photocontest  ;)


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