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I've decided to start a single, organised thread to tell of all the new things that I get and create! :) I hope that you enjoy it.

To start, today I got the last four figures of Series 1 that I wanted.

Although I don't like the wings very much, I do like the dragon knight's black crossbow, his cool shield design, the dark metal new-style sword, and, most of all, the new legs that he has! I hope that these legs make it on to more figures (than just this one, the eagle knights, and the red knight from the new carrying case), and I would like to see them in white too. His painted-on face is a bit unfortunate though...

The witch is much cooler than I thought, but it is a bit strange that her head is a different colour than her hands and feet. The sandals are cool though, and so is her hat!

The bandit-type figure is cool too, particularly his spurs! I do wish that he and the others came with some sort of cuffs though.

The girl highway bandit is definitely one of most unique of the group, and I like the printing on her, but I will probably give her a cape too. And her gun will promptly be switched out for a sword or knife of some sort. :lol: The markings on her face are an interesting touch too, and that adds to the uniqueness for sure!

Oooooooooooo Im LOVING those figures!!!!!
Lucky lucky you;)
Looking forward to following the thread  :wave:
Best wishes

Bill Blackhurst:
Those look really good! BTW, has anyone posted a picture close up of each complete series here yet, because the pictures of the actual figures are much more tempting!

Nice purchases! Those figures look great!


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