PlaymoFriends Member Guidelines

PlaymoFriends is a forum that is welcoming of all races, religions, sexual orientations/identities, and cultures who all share an interest in Playmobil toys.

We are a diverse group of collectors, fans, and friends who wish to enjoy and explore this fascinating hobby in a fun, informative, entertaining, and respectful environment. We consider PlaymoFriends to be a community and each of you to be unique community members with something valuable to contribute.

As we desire a peaceful, happy, and enjoyable environment, we have developed the following Member Guidelines to ensure that everyone understands and can abide by the goals of this site. If you have any questions or need any clarification on any of these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact a Moderator or the site Administrator.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change over time without notice.

Thank you for being a part of PlaymoFriends!

1. Treat all members of this community with the respect, tolerance, politeness and the decency with which you would wish to be treated. Sending excessive unsolicited PMs or attacking other members through posts on the forum will be viewed as personal harrassment and will result in the appropriate action being taken.

2. Take time to familiarize yourself with the site before you begin posting. Please check the F.A.Q.s (found in the Welcome! and Technical Support boards), stickied topics, posting tips, and other information such as the SMF User Help pages. In this way, you can ensure that you understand where to post (which board to choose) and how to post most effectively.

3. By becoming a member of PlaymoFriends, you also agree to respect the privacy policy instituted by geobra Brandstätter for the Playmobil Collectors Club. The specifics of news releases, pictures, interviews, or other information marked as confidential on their website can not be discussed anywhere on our forum.

4. Members come to PlaymoFriends primarily to relax, socialize, and enjoy their hobby in the company of people who share their interest. Therefore, we ask that, in general, you refrain from discussing politics, religion, or other controversial topics. Should such a topic naturally arise, we must insist that only respectful, polite comments be posted and that extra consideration is taken to avoid insulting or rude posts. Hurtful behavior will not be tolerated, for the good of all.

5. Whether you are a new member or you have been with PlaymoFriends for a while, any and all conflict between two or more members must be addressed away from the public forums -- either via Personal Message or e-mail. If you need assistance in resolving a conflict with another member, please contact a Moderator. If you have a conflict with a Moderator, please contact the site's Administrator. Our goal is for all conflicts to be resolved peacefully, fairly, and to the satisfaction of those concerned. Site Moderators are willing and able to mediate between parties when need be.

6. Posts that contain racial, ethnic, religious, sexist, sexual or sexual innuendo, or any other discriminatory or inflammatory content will be deleted without exception. Such posts do not show respect (see Item #1), and those who post them risk suspension from PlaymoFriends.

6a. Custom figures, vehicles and dioramas representing the WWII period are permitted providing they do not break the following restrictions: No Nazi symbols (e.g. uniforms, flags, etc. that bear the swastika or SS runes) and no images of Hitler or references to anything connected to the Third Reich.

7. Keep in mind that PlaymoFriends welcomes children and families. Thus, please do not post anything that is inappropriate for children to read or see. This includes gruesome images, scenes of a bloody or violent nature, and unnecessary references to drugs (alcohol, marijuana, etc) and/or drug use. Profanity or posts of a sexual nature will be deleted and the member responsible may be suspended permanently.

7a. Think carefully about what you are posting. Be prepared to stand by your words because they will remain posted as long as PlaymoFriends exists. Unless a post breaks rules concerning language, bigotry or personal attacks on other members, it will not be removed. Requests to delete accounts or remove a member's entire history of posts will be denied.

8. Try to keep on topic whenever possible. Mild diversions during discussions are perfectly human and understandable, but please remember that this is a messageboard, not a chatroom. If a topic wanders into an aimless chat between 2 or 3 members it can result in other members feeling excluded, so don't be offended if you are politely reminded by a Moderator to revert to the original topic or begin a new one.

9. Do not 'crosspost'. The practise of posting identical topics in more than one board is frowned upon, because it can cause confusion and annoyance to other forum users. Choose the board which is best suited to the topic you wish to post. If you are at all unsure, ask a Moderator or the Administrator for advice. You may, of course, link to your topic from other topics when it is relevant and helpful to other members.

10. Please select or create an avatar so that we might 'see' as well as 'hear' you. If you need help with creating an avatar, there are members who will be willing to help… just ask.  Also, be sure to 'say Hello' when you join by posting in the Welcome! board at the top of the forum's index page. Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests in Playmobil.

11. Share your creations and skills with others as you gain skill from others members. Try to be patient with yourself (and others) as you explore this site, and always know that you are not alone -- either in your love of Klickies or on this site. You are supported and among friends. :)

We hope that by abiding by these guidelines, our goals of entertaining, motivating, and inspiring one another will be realized. Thank you!

~The PlaymoFriends Team