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Title: Photocontest Rules and Guidelines
Post by: tonguello on November 16, 2012, 15:34:34
Hello Playmofriends,

The Mod Team have considered your requests and have decided to give the photocontest one more try. We have modified the procedure to make it simpler so please read the following carefully.

Be part of the fun!

General information:

Each contest will run through six weeks and the first one starts today.
A thread will be opened for each contest in which the theme will be revealed and the schedule for submitting entries and voting will be posted.
When the time is due, the voting poll will start and will run for one week.

The theme for each contest will be selected by the mod- team amongst all the suggestions we have received last year and others we could find suitable or interesting. Of course should you have any new one, please let us know.

The entries will not be anonymous anymore and must be posted by the members themselves in the corresponding topic with a TITLE by which the entries will be known. Please read the guidelines to know what kind of photos you can submit.
It is better not to post links to a picture but the picture itself so all entries are visible in the thread.
All entries are to be submitted until the due day at noon, England time, when the topic will be locked until the voting poll is over.
If you need help figuring out how to post the photos, feel free to PM any moderator for assistance.

Each member can submit up to 2 entries per contest. Nevertheless, for the contest to be a “contest” there must be at least 5 members participating.
In the case that a contest does not have 5 members submitting entries, there will be no voting.
In the case that 3 contests in a row don’t get enough participants, the Playmofriends Photocontest will be shut down again.

A few simple guidelines:

1.) Up to two (2) entries per member. When submitting multiple entries, each must be an entirely different photo and concept, not multiple takes of the same scene or the same pic photoshopped different ways.

2.) No words, text, or speech bubbles may be added to the photo, unless it is explicitly allowed by the theme. Any explanation needed to understand the concept should be a part of the title.

3.) All forum rules and penalization apply. Pictures may not contain nudity (including naked klickys), sexual innuendo, or any offensive, racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, or political content. Any photos that contain such content will be removed from the topic.

4.) All photos must be new photos that have not been posted in the forum before.

5.) Photoshop, or any other editing program, is allowed only for basic editing, such as crop, color/brightness /contrast adjustments and size changing.
Filters, special effects, background insertion or image composition (adding other images) are not permitted unless the theme explicitly allows it.

Should you have any questions, contact us.
Have fun and start shooting!

Moderators Team.
Title: Re: 2012 Photocontest
Post by: tonguello on November 19, 2012, 15:49:42
Additional instruction:

a) When the theme of the contest is FREE, the "rule" about photoshop does not apply.