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Hello from Paris

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Hi everyone,

I m really happy to join the forum. I have read a lot of interesting threads already and I'm looking forward to share ideas, tips and projects !

My son Augustin is playing with Playmobil more and more as he just turned 4 years old :-)
We went together to our first Playmobil event a few month back and are planning to attend one next week :-)

I had lots fun with my pirates ships, my cowboys and indians figurines when I was a little boy.
I if course took my ships on fresh water aventures.
We also made some custom landscapes with my dad for our Marklin train sets.

As I m turning 40 years old next year, playing Playmobil with Augustin is a great way for us to spend time together, developing his creativity and learning about history.

I would say I have been a fan of Playmobil for 30 - 35 years...and I am rediscovering my old sets with Augustin.

I would like to progressively do customs :

1/ disassemble Playmobil and switch body parts etc... (for now it's too hard for Augustin but he is choosing which elements to assemble together)
2/ mix and match themes to create mini dioramas
3/ frame custom figurines for décoration (IKEA frames with depth)
4/ cleaning old playmobil (white helicopter Turner yellowish)
5/ custom painting or figurines
6/ customs on ships
project 1 - long row boat from drakkar hull (inspiration from Emma J)
project 2 - reassemble a complete Shooner set 3740 from 2nd hand parts
project 3 - custom painting of small ships, custom rigging, custom sails
project 4 - custom assembly of 2 small ships into one (inspiration Macgayver - Interceptor)

That's a lot of projects for years to come :-)

I would like to become a member of PlaymoFriends to exchange tips, share progress and get new ideas :-)

Thanks a lot,
Greg aka papapoule3818

Welcome from the Netherlands!!
I’m looking forward to seeing your mini dioramas and custom figures.
There are certainly enough projects for the coming years   :D

Bonjour cher Greg  :wave:

Que voici une jolie presentation !

Je te souhaite la bienvenue depuis Marlow on Thames pres de Londres !

Je te souhaite beaucoup de plaisir a decouvrir notre joyeux petit forum  :)

Karim :gent:

Bonjour, Greg and welcome to Playmofriends from Stroud, UK!

Hello & welcome from the UK! 

I hope you & Augustin continue to have fun with your Playmobil!. Sounds like you have some great projects lined up!

It's lovely that you're rediscovering your love with him & using it for both fun & learning.


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