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Exhibition Playmobil in Torrevieja (Alicante, Spain)

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If you travel to the Costa Blanca (Mediterranean coast of the province of Alicante, Spain), you can visit an exhibition of 11 dioramas organised by the Torrevieja Town Hall in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Playmobil Collectors AESCLICK.

Admission is free. Remember that AESCLICK is a non-profit association that carries out charitable work by distributing free PLAYMOBIL toys to groups working with disadvantaged children.

Opening next Tuesday 6th July at 19:00h.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday afternoons and weekends from 10h to 13:30h and from 16h to 20:30h.

The exhibition will end on 18 September.


The dioramas will be:

1.- The salt mines of Torrevieja (3x3m2)
2.- Victorian period (3x3m2)
3.- Easter Week (3x1m2)
4.- Afghanistan war (3x2m2)
5.- Western (5x2m2)
6.- Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia (5x2m2)
7.- Medieval fantasy (5x3m2)
8.- The forest (3x3m2)
9.- Circus (3x3m2)
10.- Jurassic era (3,5x3m2)
11.- Zulus (3x3m2)

Greetings and fun!

Is there any possibility of pictures for those of us who can't quite make it to the Costa Blanca?  :picsplz:

Sorry for delay. I was busy on work.

Here you are:;topicseen

There is the link compilation of each diorama.

I expect you can enjoy the pics!


Note: Online translators not used on this post. Sorry again. Please DonĀ“t pay attention to my faults.

Great pictures! Thanks a million Nico I very much enjoyed looking at all those amazing dios.  :rock: :banana:

One of them is of the Spanish religious procession with the pointy hats that was discussed in another thread.


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