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Photography & Graphics / Re: JLMatterer Photo Gallery
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May 14th, 2021, 05:38 am Zirndorf-based Playmobil manufacturer Brandstätter with record sales

The Corona year 2020 was the most successful year in the company's history for the Zirndorf Playmobil manufacturer, the Horst Brandstätter Group, according to its own statements. In the financial year that ended in March, a record turnover was achieved.

As the Horst Brandstätter Group, based in Zirndorf (district of Fürth) announced on Thursday, a sales record was achieved in the financial year that ended at the end of March with total global sales of over 758 million euros.

This record result in the corona pandemic year was due to increased sales of the Playmobil toy brand, as well as the Lechuza planter brand belonging to the group. The "Playmobil Fun Parks" introduced deficits due to the corona pandemic.

Plus for Playmobil figures, minus for "Fun Parks"
Accordingly, the Playmobil brand achieved a 3.9 percent increase in sales in the past financial year. In contrast, the leisure area with the "Playmobil FunParks" had to report a loss of sales of around eleven million euros due to the restrictions caused by the corona. That corresponds to a minus of 55 percent.

Plant pot brand in the plus for the first time
Last year went really well at the plant container manufacturer Lechuza, which is also part of the Brandstätter Group. With an increase of 29 percent, it achieved record sales and thus made a positive contribution to the group result for the first time since its market launch in 2000, it said.

Crisis year in Germany without short-time work
The major challenges in the past twelve months were mastered in Germany and most other countries without short-time work. In addition, there were only minor delivery and production bottlenecks.

Use new potential and opportunities
In the current financial year, the group, which is said to be active in more than 100 countries, wants to continue its growth path: "The pandemic has led to many profound changes that will seriously change the international markets. We have grown profitably, but we are still seeing many Opportunities and potentials that need to be used now, "emphasized CEO Steffen Höpfner.

Now more than ever, the company wants to focus on the needs of its customers. An expanded range of services and more specific solutions for different target groups are planned. In addition, long-term partnerships and new business fields are to be opened up. Which these are specifically was not disclosed.
Welcome! / Re: Greetings from the UK!
« Last post by playmofire on Today at 14:34:33 »
Welcome from the North Yorkshire coast!  :wave:
Customs Gallery / Re: Big in Japan
« Last post by Richard on Today at 14:30:20 »

WOW !!!

Playmobil anime!

Great new Japanese theme.
Welcome! / Re: Greetings from the UK!
« Last post by flatcat on Today at 13:22:13 »
Welcome from Hertfordshire! :wave:

I am enjoying reading your site so far
Maltese home workers assembling sets for minimum wage?

Let's be honest, the set up in Malta doesn't bear too much examination. The prison labour, the below-minimum wage staff....
Welcome! / Re: Greetings from the UK!
« Last post by CountBogro on Today at 12:07:31 »
Hi Steve,

welcome to our club and fellow Playmoholics  ;D
Looking forward to seeing the blogs.

All the best,
Welcome! / Re: Greetings from the UK!
« Last post by tahra on Today at 11:55:57 »
Welcome from Portugal :)

Looking forward to pics and details from your collections!
Welcome! / Greetings from the UK!
« Last post by drbatesy on Today at 11:35:27 »
Hi, my name is Steve and I and my five year old daughter are big fans of Playmobil. She has a broad collection, though most recently she has developed a serious love for the pirates theme! My collection is smaller and focuses on early modern history. Both are growing!

I'm not a 'modder' but I do like to supplement the sets. I hope that my experience in this area will be useful to other playmofriends.

We have started a blog,, with the intention of posting weekly reviews and occasional articles. I would be really grateful for any constructive feedback and suggestions, both on content but also the use of of Wordpress and Twitter if anyone is very familiar with them!

Looking forward to 'meeting' you all!

Maybe the global pandemic boosted the sales of toys around the world.
With kids and parents being confined at home, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that more toys were bought just to keep the little ones busy for a few hours while parents work from home.

Maybe I'm searching for something that isn't there and Playmobil did manage to reach their audience.
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