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Hello from Milan, Italy!

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Hi everyone!  :wave:

I finally decided to join the forums after quite some years and I am very happy! :)

I have been a fan of playmobil since I was a child in the '90es. It was my favourite game along with Lego and Polly Pockets and I still own all my original sets of them all.

I am a fan of the medieval them and my favourite ever christmas gift is my castle 3666: I still remember the joy of my little self when I opened it and spent the afternoon builidng it with dad.  :love: I still own it in very good conditions and complete with all pieces along with the smaller castle 3667, the tower 3839 and the assault tower 3887. Along with them I have tons of smaller sets and figures: most of them are vikings and knights from the '90 (some were the special ones such as the ghost, a wandering monk, a hangman, crusade men and so on) which were bought by my dad and others were fairies and ladies that could go well with the castle who were bought by mum (for example the 3836 set, the old witch 3838). I have also still the Royal Family Set (3659) and the medieval royal tent (3837), which is great for adding furniture to the castle :)
In the years, I have also collected some other smaller medieval sets and som Figures! and I own a fair amount of the newer ladies with the large gowns even though not all of them fit so well in the castle...but I had so much fun buying one of them now and then.

For some reason I also own the victorian wedding carriage (5601): I used to play with it in the castle even though - even as a child - I was well aware it did not fit. I hated all that pink (even though it was my favourite color at the time) but I guess I just liked the fact that it was a carriage. I also have a couple of reccent Christmas sets (advent calendar)

Now...I have grown up and I am becoming mum very soon (next month!) and I do hope to grow a little boy who will fall in love with playmobil knights just like his mum  :-[
At the moment my project is to recreate a small medieval village with all the sets I have plus the new re-release that I have seen in the Playmobil Plus catalogue 2022, however I cannot put it on display in my own home (too small) but we are renovating my grandparent's house and I have already stated that a room will be dedicated to toys...and my playmobil :p So I hope to be able to set it up next year  :love: (grandma would be so happy...she loved those sets as much as me)

Can't wait to see all your collections and to share mine when I will have good photos and to share news and ideas with all of you!!


Welcome from Portugal!

Looking forward to pics of your collection, and the progress on the playmoroom :)   There are MANY MANY medieval fans around (me included).

And congratulations on the upcoming brand new playmofan!  ;D

Hi & welcome from the UK! I

I look forward to seeing your medieval sets! & congratulations on your coming special arrival! 

A warm welcome from the UK, and all good wishes for becoming a mum!   :wave:  And photos of collections, especially of earlier Playmobil, are always appreciated.

Welcome from me, also in the UK. Thanks for sharing your PM journey so far, its great to hear how a new generation will soon be enjoying this toy!


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