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I notice that 2022 packaging carries the new phrase "components made in Germany, Malta and Tunisia" where previously it said "made in Germany", "made in Malta" or, occasionally, other countries. I don't remember Tunisia ever appearing on Playmobil packaging, so believe it is a new location. Is more known about this branch? Is it a factory actually producing parts, or could it be that just the assembly of figures was moved to low-wage Africa, with parts supplied from Malta (and perhaps Germany)?

Very interesting, I am not finding anything about it anywhere online.

I've noticed this on a few packages lately too. Perhaps it is related to the packaging itself though; so far, I've only seen it on packages for Playmo-Friends like the ones you show and DuoPacks that use the new blister style (moulded around the figures instead of two separate pieces, one moulded around the figures and one large flat piece).

I also haven't seen anything that mentioned the change though.

There's a Facebook page here:

The Faun 70815 is "made in Malta and Tunisia". What does Tunisia contribute: plastic packaging and/or assembly?


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