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007 James Bond Astin Martin ejector seat works great!

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007_17 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

I recently got the James Bond Astin Martin and it's pretty fun to play with. My son and I had fun getting this photo. That's legit how high the bad guy will launch. I did photoshop out my hand and use an alternate angle of the chair as you can see in this unaltered photo

007_16_BTS by Andy Jones, on Flickr

Also, this works really well with my micro-fogger!
007_15 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

I also tried my hand at painting one of my figures in gold, but the spray paint was a bad idea. I'll try again with a gold pen
007_20 by Andy Jones, on Flickr

That's a great picture!


And that second one is a real unchanged pic?  :o 
(mind boggles)

As to the lever think, I found it needs a lot of strenght, imo... Anyways, mine is unlikely to really do that again... like most blinky-winkies (this is one such... because.. :P )

Great images! It's a great looking set. I held off because I assumed the Mercedes gull wing would be in silver too, but it's going to be white racing instead. May get this one eventually after all.

Nice pictures! Your editing looks really good. <*)


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