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Remodelling hair?


has anyone ever tried restyling Playmo hair? I've looked everywhere but can't find any hints or methods... For context, I'm trying to build a family member's lookalike, to go with the Playmo VW bug they're getting for Christmas, and there simply isn't a single Klicky out there with that kind of hairdo (think punk-y/80s new wave). I was thinking of (ab)using that soccer player hair, but am unsure whether to use heat (candle? Hairdryer? Oven?) or acetone or what. I know Geobra is famously humourless on this kind of topic, so please feel free to send me a private message or something.  8-)

On a related note, Klickies obviously need more footwear choices, but that's a subject for another day.

You might be able to shape it by heating, but it might not look good if the pattern of the new hairstyle doesn't flow the same way as the original hairstyle you start with or if the base is altered in a way that affects fitment. Perhaps you could try to make something out of clay (or print something using plastic).

I wonder if you could use a wood burning tool to selectively apply heat.

Your best bet is use some kind of modelling putty like greenstuff which eventually dries hard and can be painted.


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