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BlockCreationz Playmobil 3Deas - #1 The Bedroom by Van Gogh

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Hi. My first post in 7 years 8} ... my username says Nobita but nowadays I go by by the name of BlockCreationz, or Block for short. I am Dutch and I know my English is not that fluent, even Grammarly won't save me ;D. I am into Playmobil since 1974 I think, and over the years I have grown a nice collection. A childhood dream was (and still is) to make my own themed sets... since 3D printing is now widely available I finally decided a year ago to give it a go and started learning 3D modelling in Blender. Last week I finished my first set... The Bedroom of Van Gogh, for a week I was really proud of myself but than I found out through this forum that the Van Gogh Museum just released an official Playmobil set of The Bedroom ::) ... another childhood dream shattered ;D

Well here is my take on the bedroom of Van Gogh, I hope you like it.
... time to move on and model the next set ;D


I really like your Bedroom of Van Gogh, and cannot tell whether the items that we see are real, or digital. I guess that's the point. Very well done! :clap: :)9

Welcome back!

Those creations are really excellent BC! The boxes look like they are real! You could create some great hoaxes with your skills. I especially like the wood grain on the bed. More please!

Have you created the files for 3D printing of any of the parts in your picture? If so, you should go ahead and make them, that would be awesome!

Both thanks for your positive response :wave:  And yes, 3D printing these assets should be, with a bit of tweaking, possible. The current 3Deas project I am working on is one for sure I want to 3D print ... having been 'waiting' 40 years for that one ;D but more about that later. If everything goes according plan I hope to present it somewhere next week :)

Awesome work!   O0


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