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Shades of green...and grey...and tan....

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The historic period (which isn't a very precise one, more or less a whole century) is usually not my cup of tea, but during the last months I
- came across old pictures of my Airfix-soldiers (never painted them as a child but used them to play outside until they.....quicksand in Germany?)
- fell in love with the Playmobil-jeep (again)
- realised how many shades of green, grey, brown actually exist
- came across a lot of those baggy-pants....with boots
and as I love a challenge (and figures without printing) I tried to find "plausible" combinations for the 20th century. I did a bit of research and there is more or less a correct uniform for every figure in these pictures but it is a wild mix out of about 100 years of military uniforms.

...and now it is time to step back into history again.



Those are beautiful :love:

Lovely! You can turn your hand to any epoch, it seems!


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