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Cleaning playmobil with hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]

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You can use plastic gloves, for example.

After cleaning, you can reuse the solution and the bag!  :) Get the playmobil out of the bag (with GLOVES! or very very fast!) and put it directly in a basin/bowl previously filled with clean water. Just wash the stuff away. This chemical doesn't have any unpleasant smell, and your playmobil parts will be like new.

Here's the bottom of a Marine Schoner I found at a flea market recently (@Tahra: now I have a original one too, though incomplete, I might get the parts missing from the replica), before the cleaning:

And after:

That's all! Have a wonderful week, everyone!  :wave:

Those are excellent results and a  very clear explanation of how to use the product.  Many thanks.

Interesting. We have a lot of sunlight here, so I might need to give this a go one day.

Thank you for the very detailed post - for dummies! My favorite how-tos :-[

AMAZING results!! :o

If I manage that, it will be a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG line.

And there are no bad effects from that? I can live with some part being damaged, but I was thinking of Midnight, for example (our first white elephant) - bad side effects on creatures we can lot live with.

--- Quote from: Luftgaengerin on July 01, 2018, 22:38:28 ---There is no need to fill the bag completely with the solution, because the atmosphere created with the sunlight will do the job. Just shake the bag so that everything gets moisturized.

--- End quote ---

The dolphin doesn't even need to be submerged?

--- Quote from: Luftgaengerin on July 01, 2018, 22:45:24 ---As you could see displayed on the bottles, this solution is aggressive. Don't let children or animals get close to the liquid, even if they are very dirty too.  ;D 

--- End quote ---

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Thank you for your nice replies!

--- Quote from: tahra on July 02, 2018, 07:44:33 ---And there are no bad effects from that?

--- End quote ---

I hope not... But I can't be sure how this works with other types of plastic, if that applies to the old elephants? (we don't have any white elephants, unfortunately). It's important not to leave it too much time exposed to strong sunlight, and the parts should be clean (not dusty, etc), or the solution can provoke some stains, I guess.
We had very good results with Steck walls from the castle (3666) too, and those parts are grey and not white. They look much better. Be careful, though, with the great Portuguese sunlight :)

--- Quote from: tahra on July 02, 2018, 07:44:33 ---The dolphin doesn't even need to be submerged?

--- End quote ---

It doesn't, that's the good news, there isn't much waste. The parts should be wet, and the sun must shine on it.


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