Author Topic: Playmo3D Project - a computer based virtual building tool for Playmobil parts  (Read 15717 times)

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This is amazing. Congratulations for this wonderful (and useful) job !!!

The posibility to plan our constructions  virtually before real is fantastic and can save you hours.

Thanks for making this possible

Oh my God, it's full of stars!

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it is time to keep you up to date: Many of you have sent me mails and notes that they are either new at this issue and so are interested in the download-links, some want to reinstall or have not yet updated to the latest version... in short, I have sent a lot of "I will manage it soon!"-mails... so I guess it is time to really do so!

As always, there are a lot of things and themes behind the playmo3d-scene, so I am really not lazy in pushing the quality of this project... but as you might imagine, things need time, time I often do not have. Slowly but straight we move forward. There are some really big news in behind...   
That is the reason why this now is not a "big new release" but a smaller upgrade. There are round about 80 new parts included, but The library is not where wanted to have it for an 4.2 release, so this is "only" a 4.1.1 version. First of all I want to guaranty that all of you could download the library files again (Yes, I got all your requests).

The links you get via a PM

If you like leave a comment here or at my PCC-blog and/or "like" it.

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Great to see the project continuing on. I will get around to updating my files eventually. Never enough time these days. I still haven't finished taking photos of my diorama I set up in late spring!

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Can we still download this ? Has there been more updates ?
Would love to use it to build my new diorama  :love:

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Does anyone knows the status of this project?
I don't get any responds on download link requests from Sir Pleamo on the PCC. That in itselfs is not a problem, but I hope the whole project would not have died a quiet death . . . .
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I am also very eager to use this virtual building tool for a large structure that I intend to build. Does anyone still have the files?