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Great reviews so far. You probably do need a second Gonk to be Gonkette with maybe a bow or a skirt?
And the second one is online:

Super 4: 9004 - Giant Ape Gonk (link on playkingdoms

The major problem is the box (ok, and the bananas).

But Gonk (though far from being a giant) is REALLY cute.

(more at the link)

Did the Gnomes of Zirndorf not see the sales figures for Martin Luther and think "Hmmm...." ????

Yes, they did.

"YUCK. Look at all this money. We will NEVER EVER do this again."
Thank you for gathering all the pics :)

It's amazing :love:
There is currently in the town of Garray, Spain, an exhibition of Playmobil featuring a diorama of the Battle of Numancia. The exhibition is in the Archaeological Hall of Garray & will be open until Nov. 4. I've culled pictures from several different news sources of the diorama & display as it's quite an impressive set-up.

"It is a diorama of 50 square meters that houses the Archaeological Hall and that exhibits 1,500 dolls of Playmobil that tell the history numantina to the detail. It is a unique model in the world of these characteristics that has been mounted for more than two weeks thanks to the association Tierraquemada and the city council of Garray, who contacted private collectors from all over Spain and immediately received the help of AESClick, The Spanish Association of Collectors of Playmobil."

Report & Review / Re: JANGmobil
« Last post by Bolingbroke on Today at 07:24:16 »
didn't know jang reviewed playmobil too. he's a very respected and popular reviewer with the lego community. will check out his reviews later.
Customs Gallery / Re: Motorcycle helmet with knight visor
« Last post by cheng on Today at 06:04:11 »
yes...I have both pieces and they fit perfectly....looks more like an American football helmet now :lol:
Customs Gallery / Re: New idea for ammo box
« Last post by cheng on Today at 05:57:53 »
This police woman is wearing a nice black purse which I find perfect to use for a new kind of ammo box!
What do you think? Does anyone has it? If so do you think that fits well on male klicky?

I dont have one...came out too late....past my Napoleonic wars customizing years....but I think it looks good for your intentions...go us!  :)
News / Re: Playmobil in the News
« Last post by JLMatterer on Today at 03:54:44 »
Una nueva feria de Clicks de Playmobil llega a Palmones, esta vez inspirada en la Semana Santa

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____

Jetzt ist der Playmobil-Luther zu haben

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____

La Passion du Christ selon Playmobil

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____

Πάνω από 6.000 φιγούρες playmobil σε έκθεση συλλεκτών

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____

Besucherrekord im DPM

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____

Miniwelten Lathen widmen sich Martin Luther

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