Playmobil® Links

This is only a small selection of the many interesting sites available for fans and collectors. They are coded by the main language used on each site and not the nationality of the owners.  (EN: English   DE: German   FR: French   ES: Spanish   JP: Japanese)

Official Site
  Archives, games and news, plus online ordering for 10 separate regions.

Fan Pages

  Awesome site, includes a listing of all the animal variations produced. EN
  Playmobil® films on various themes - Airline, Halloween, Titanic, and more. ES
  Galleries containing magical dioramas and exhibitions with a circus theme. DE
  Playmobil® and Play-Big collectors site illustrated with many pictures. DE
  Terrific resource for all fans and collectors, extensive catalogue. EN
  Customized appliances from the world's smallest volunteer fire brigade. EN
  Detailed info on medieval helmets and weapons, many original customs. EN
  How-to site with detailed instructions on customising and inspiring galleries. EN
  Meet photographer, Jasper Guygo, and Boulder's other klicky residents. EN
  Everything Playmobil Jeep! A complete overview of sets plus fun stories. EN
  Custom buildings, vehicles and figures by a talented father & son team. EN
  Amusing comic-style stories, galleries, customs, and downloadable items. EN
  Huge medieval diorama, with hundreds of pics showing incredible customs. EN
  Collaborative project where fans create the definitive Playmobil® library. ES/EN/DE/FR
  Playmo-inspired confectionery, cakes, plus many superb customs. EN
  Nice medieval town and many pics of rare, unusual Playmobil® items. FR
  Very entertaining site from a master of customisation in many areas. EN
  Highly original site with wonderful films, galleries, customising tips. EN
  Funny Flash films, plus games, gallery, mobile phone wallpapers, etc. EN
  Features the fantasy saga "The Sword of Might" and many funny pics. EN/DE
  Large database of sets, information on promo items, reviews, fun e-cards! EN
  Historically accurate military conversions and detailed dioramas. EN
  Invaluable reference site with searchable database of parts and figures. EN
  Lots of original content, including stories and detailed pics of set contents. JP/EN
  Blog about how Playmobil® can be used for a glimpse throughout history. EN
  Wonderful photos and stories portraying Camelot and King Arthur's world. DE/EN
  Interactive Flash-based site, blends Playmo with Sylvanian Family toys. EN
  The adventures of a little redcoat illustrated with wonderful photos. EN
  Very creative Playmobil® photos and highly advanced stop-motion films. EN
  Interesting and large catalogue of sets using original, creative photos. JP

Discussion Groups
  Meeting place to discuss Playmobil® toy soldiers and pirates. EN/ES
  Forum for German-speaking fans and collectors. DE
  Welcoming and fun site dedicated to all the Spanish and Latin Playmo-fans! ES
  Beautiful photos and a French forum created by the "Klicky sans frontières." FR